Exploring Integromat's enterprise service

Integromat has recently tailored a plan especially for big enterprises with custom requirements. Let's look at the features.

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Why the Integromat enterprise plan shines

Extensive app + API coverage

With 750+ apps covered out the box, there are HTTP and webhook capabilities to cover any missing ones and SDKs to support every REST API type. There's even an agent to connect to on-premise systems.

Flexible pricing that's right for you

Integromat charge based on annual usage and gives flexibility in pricing to allow growth.

It's built for teams big and really big.

Each team within the company has its own integration, connection, webhooks, keys, devices, data stores, and data structures. Permission granularity, separate or integrated billing, and more are all possible.

A laundry list of pro features

As well as syncing data between apps, Integromat has endless features to help modify, store, parse and process data - and advanced analytics and error handling.

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