Automatically take website screenshots with Zapier


Using Zapier and an app called Bannerbear, you can take a screenshot of any website and save or send the resulting image.

All you need is a trigger app and a URL and this Zapier workflow will take care of the rest. Save to places like Google Drive, or Dropbox, attach to an Airtable record or even email the image or send in a Slack message. You’ve got lots of options.

Want us to build it for you?

We'll get you all set up to take website screenshots automatically with Zapier + Bannerbear. Just fill in the form below and we'll contact you with more details.


How to set it up Zapier + Bannerbear

Follow this helpful guide.

Sign up for Bannerbear

Create an account with Bannerbear. You'll need a paid plan which start from $49/month.

Sign up for Bannerbear

Create a zap and connect your Bannerbear account

Start building a new zap and select using and trigger you like. Then add an action step and select Bannerbear as the app.

See Bannerbear's Zapier integration

Add the "Create Screenshot" step to your zap

Jump into Zapier and build your zap. The trigger can be any one of Zapier's 3,000+ apps, just so long as the trigger data will include the phone number you want to send to.

Build your zap now