How to automate your WhatsApp messages with Zapier


Sadly, there is no Zapier integration for WhatsApp. They have a page on the Zapier app directory, but it's currently marked as "Upcoming" and has been for a long time.

However, there is another way. Using Zapier and an app called WATI, you can send WhatsApp messages to your contacts and customers automatically.

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How to set it up

Follow this helpful guide from WATI

Sign up for WATI

Create an account with WATI. You'll need the 'API Gateway' plan which starts at $49/month.

Sign up for WATI

Be approved to use the WhatsApp Business API

To be able to send WhatsApp messages, you'll need to be approved by WhatsApp. WATI can work this process for you with no setup fee. Here's what you'll need.

Start the approval process

Create a Zapier workflow with WATI's integration

Jump into Zapier and build your zap. The trigger can be any one of Zapier's 3,000+ apps, just so long as the trigger data will include the phone number you want to send to.

Access WATI's Zapier integration