Getting access to Notion's upcoming Zapier integration

Notion are actively testing their new API and a Zapier integration should be ready by mid-2021.

Join our waiting list to be notified when it launches. When it does, we'll contact you to help you start using it in your zaps.

Things to know about Zapier + Notion

What triggers/searches/actions will Notion's Zapier integration have?

The short answer - we have no idea. They've not said. We assume you'll be able to trigger on, create, and update blocks, though.

Are there workarounds for connecting Zapier & Notion?

While we've not tried it ourselves, we did find this walkthrough that covers using a Zapier POST webhook step to connect to the unofficial Notion-Py API.

Will there be a Notion integration for Integromat and n8n aswell?

Assuming Notion make their API open to all, we guess Integromat and n8n will want to launch their own integrations as soon as possible. It's a very popular tool after all!