Upload and files and share content in Salesforce with Make (Integromat)

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Salesforce has a new upload format - lightening file objects - that's not supported by Salesforce's official Make integration.

We've created a custom Make + Salesforce integration that does support the new format, allowing you to upload and attach files to Salesforce automatically, and share them.

Want it added to your Make account?

We'll install a private version of the custom integration in your Make account so you can upload files to Salesforce. Just fill in the form below and we'll contact you with more details.


Triggers, searches and actions in our Salesforce integration

This integration has the following steps:

Action: Upload File

Upload a file in Salesforce that's saved in the dedicated "Files" section and not as an attachment.

Action: Create a Content Distribution

Create a public share link to an uploaded file by its content version ID.

Action: Make an API call

Send authorized API calls to Salesforce.

Setup requirements and things to know

We won't need access to your Make account

We'll ask for your Make account email address and send you an invite to install a copy of the integration in your account. We'll then transfer ownership of the integration to you, completing the process.

You're paying for the time and labor request to install the custom integration.

You are not getting IP ownership nor licencing the integration from us. We just install a pre-built custom integration in your account. On top of that, Make prohibits you from selling access to others.

We may need access to your Salesforce account

We have to create an OAuth app in your account and generate a client ID and secret. Alternatively, we can talk you through doing this part for us.

You can use the integration in your Make account and others.

The integration will automatically be available to use in zaps you build in your account, and you can share access to others via a special invite URL (remember, no reselling!)