Automate bank transfers with Zapier + Wise (TransferWise)

Wise (formerly TransferWise) is one of the best and cheapest services for sending bank transfers globally.

We've created a custom Zapier + TransferWise integration so you can automate sending bank transfers from your business.

Want it added to your Zapier account?

We'll install a private version of the custom integration in your Zapier account so you can connect with TransferWise in Zapier. Just fill in the form below and we'll contact you with more details.


Triggers, searches and actions in our Wise integration

This integration has the following steps:

Trigger: New Activity

Triggers on all transactions and activity within your Wise account.

Action: Get Balance

Get the current balance of any currency account.

Action: Create a Quote

Get the current exchange rate for any currency route (including where the sending and receiving currency are the same).

You'll receive a quote ID needed for the next step.

Action: Create a Recipient Account

You'll input the contact and bank details of the person or business you're transferring to. The exact details required vary by country and currency.

You'll receive a recipient ID needed for the next step.

If the person/business already exists as a recipient, their ID will be returned.

Action: Create an Email Recipient Account

You'll input the email address and account holder name of the person you want to transfer to. When the transfer is made, Wise will ask the recipient to enter their bank details to complete the transfer.

You'll receive a recipient ID needed for creating the transfer.

Action: Create a Transfer

This step creates the transfer. You'll input the amount to be transferred, along with the quote ID and recipient ID previously created.

After this step the transfer will appear in your Wise account as created but unfunded. It can still be cancelled at this point.

You'll receive a transfer ID needed for creating the transfer.

Action: Fund a Transfer

This step is optional. Using the transfer ID created previously, and selecting a Wise balance or currency pot, this step sends the transfer to the recipient.

Things to know

We won't need access to your Zapier account

We'll ask for your Zapier account email address and send you an invite to install a copy of the integration in your account. We'll then transfer ownership of the integration to you, completing the process.

You're paying for the time and labor required to install the custom integration.

You are not getting IP ownership nor licencing the integration from us. We install a pre-built custom integration in your account. On top of that, Zapier prohibits you from selling access to others.

We won't need access to your Wise account.

When it comes time to connect your TransferWise account inside Zapier, you'll need to generate some private API tokens. These should be kept private and not shared with anyone (including us).

You should only use the integration in your Zapier account.

The integration will automatically be available to use in any zaps you build in your Zapier account. You should not share the integration with any other Zapier account as this can expose your private tokens and bank details.