Trigger Zapier on new messages in Telegram channels

Telegram doesn't have a public Zapier integration, so triggering zaps when a new message is received in a channel isn't possible.

Until now! We've created a custom Zapier + Telegram integration that can trigger on any new messages posted in selected channels.

Want it added to your Zapier account?

We'll install a private version of the custom integration in your Zapier account. Just fill in the form below and we'll contact you with more details.


Setup requirements and things to know

We'll need access to your Zapier account

We'll install a private version of the custom Telegram integration in your account.

You're paying for the time and labor request to install the custom integration.

You are not getting IP ownership nor licencing the integration from us. We just install a pre-built custom integration in your account. On top of that, Zapier prohibits you from selling access to others.

We won't need access to your Telegram account

Once our integration is installed, you can connect your Telegram account yourself, like you would any other app in Zapier.

You can use the integration in your Zapier account and others.

The integration will automatically be available to use in zaps you build in your account, and you can share access to others via a special invite URL (remember, no reselling!)